Cr250 top speed stock

Getting in and out of corners is where races are won - no question. Add all-new works-style brake discs, power boosting engine mods higher compression and new cylinder cylinder head portingand once again, Honda proves the best can get better. The brilliant future of motocross arrived in the aggressive form of the high-flying new CRFR. Upon its unveiling, the new CRFR literally rewrote the book on quarter-liter four-strokes.

The twin-sump lubrication system separated oil supply to crankshaft, piston and valve train from supply to clutch and transmission and the important task of reducing inertia, weight and overall engine height was completed by the lightweight titanium intake valves which permit use of smaller valve springs. Compact cylinder design was partly due to the spark plug and surrounding tube positioned between forked exhaust rocker arms.

The majority of features encountered on the could be also found on the model: pro-link rear suspension featuring fully adjustable Showa rear damper; swingarm featuring a dual-axis, double-taper design and large cast aluminum cross-member and the large, mm front and rear brake rotors stopping lightweight wire spoke wheels with aluminum spoke nipples for reduced unsprung weight.

The featured new cylinder head porting and camshaft profile for increased low-end power; new ignition map for improved power at virtually all engine speeds, new spark plug featuring side electrode improving spark and implicit combustion and new aluminum spark plug pipe for lighter weight.

The right side engine cover was also new that year but the clutch was strongly revised and it now featured new stiffer clutch springs for improved feel and durability in collaboration with new shift components for smoother and more precise shifting.

Comfort and handling were the future priority so the bike was provided with new fork and rear suspension valving for improved bump absorption. New front axle placement also improved fork action and turning and the new pro-link ratio provided more compliant suspension operation.

The rest of the improvements aimed at lightweight so the rear wheel hub was now lighter and stronger as well as the lighter-weight swingarm construction. The exhaust system made no exception and it now weighed much less. The overall weight was reduced by grams. All of witch brings us back toand the accompanying improvements for that model year. Beginning with the more visible change, the idea of dual mufflers made the weigh a trilling 6.

The piston crown now featured a more squared-off shape to enhance sealing-a change that helps boost midrange muscle, and the compression ratio has been upped from Also, the compression ring has been narrowed slightly, from 0.

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To promote engine longevity, the valve seats on the intake side are now made of a new, tougher material. And recalibrated ignition mapping complements all the above-listed tuning changes. There is some strong competition coming from the other Japanese manufacturers who seek for the smallest mistake in order to put their hands on the title. The Suzuki RM-Z features a compact, lightweight and powerful cc 4-stroke engine design, a strong and lightweight aluminum chassis, Showa suspension components and many high-performance features for the ultimate cc 4-stroke racing machine so Honda has some pretty strong competition here also.

Kawasaki presents for a better shifting, improved handling and extra reliable machine known as the KXF. Now, this world-beating machine gets even better and anxious to fight the CRF on track.

Frame design allows the sidecovers to have larger air-intake ducts and they significantly contribute to the level of airflow which is increased in certain key areas. This also makes the bike look cool and complete the overall front appearance.I don't think you could make kph mph no matter how much you were to change up gearing without drastic performance upgrades to the engine. CRR, PMK knows exactly what he is talking about and has proven it time and time again with knowledgeable answers.

cr250 top speed stock

You my friend have not. Why in the world would Honda, Kawasaki or any other company gear a motocross bike to run MPH when there isn't a motocross track in the world that would allow you to reach that speed. You obviously have no clue what you are talking about.

Yes that bike can be geared to run in the - MPH range and desert racers do this on a regular basis, but no motocross bike is geared to run MPH stock. I am a motocross rider of around 9 years now. The highest speed recorded was 91 Mph. It is the gearing for the bike is the same as for a CR or KX The only differentiation is the overall power. Tires being the same size, and gearing being the same, I conclude that the top speed of these bikes is mph. Case closed. Props for the list.

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Just about all s can be tuned to reach mph if you know what your doing with 2 strokes but tuning is not solely an engine thing the suspensiongearingtyres and all sorts besides must be altered. For example removing the front mudguard makes the bike considerably more aerodynamic and therefore faster. Keep spreading the word. Trending News. Husband honors wife killed in crash with Kobe. Some of Williams's trophies may have been stolen. Redditor bets on GameStop to pay off student loans.

Korean actress Song Yoo-Jung dead at A college coach turning down money? This one did it twice. New targets emerge as Trump plans next move. Packers president: 'We're not idiots. Rodgers will be back'. Star was shocked to go from silent retreat to pandemic. Actor Elliot Page files for divorce from Emma Portner. Can this bike reach km per hour. Answer Save.

This Site Might Help You. Ok mr Pmk, I am a motocross rider of around 9 years now. How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. Back in the eighty's it was about 85 mph, And yes I owned both a kx and a cr The Honda CR was a motocross motorcycle that was first released to the public in It was discontinued in This model was in production for almost 37 years.

Major changes were made for the model, including a reinvented engine and new suspensions. The CRR had several changes on its frame and engine. The engine was equipped with a new 38 mm flat-side carburetor, together with a reshaped jet circuit and a dual-taper needle. A new pipe was also installed together with a new combustion chamber, and a bit central processing unit was added in the ignition system for better timing and performance.

The CRR was equipped with a cc liquid cooled, two-stroke single-cylinder engine.

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It had a bore and stroke of 2. It also came standard with a five-speed gearbox with chain drive transmission. Its ignition system was a solid-state map-type digital ignition with electronic advance. The suspension on both wheels was changed, adding modified springs and damping rates. The front suspension was a 47 mm inverted Showa fork. The front suspension was also made shorter than previous versions, allowing a lower seat height and better steering.

The front brake was a single disc with dual piston calipers, while the rear brake was a single disc with one piston caliper. Steve Johnson is an avid and passionate writer with more than five years of experience.

1999 Honda CR250 Specifications

He's written for several industries, including health, dating and Internet marketing, as well as for various websites. He holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Texas. References Motorcycle.The Honda CRR series is a class, two-stroke motocross motorcycle that was produced for 37 years, ending in This Honda-produced motorcycle is designed for racing and has been a part of championships for more than 30 years, including the AMA MX, American Motocross Association.

These motocross bikes offer strength, power and balance, including the Honda CRR, which is made with a twin-spar, aluminum-framed chassis and swing arm. The CRR has an overall length of This motocross bike has a ground clearance of The wheelbase, which is the measurement between the center of the front wheel and the center of the rear, is The dry weight of the Honda CRR is The CRR has a front tire dimension of 2. The front suspension of this bike is a The rear suspension uses Pro-Link Showa single shock with spring-preload, position, rebound-damping adjustability and compression damping.

This model also has a mm single disc front brake with two-piston calipers, and a single mm rear brake disc with one-piston caliper.

cr250 top speed stock

The CRR has a two-stroke engine with a displacement of This motocross bike has a maximum power of 59 horsepower at 8, revolutions per minute, and a torque of The fuel system is a Additionally, this bike has a compression of 8. Madison Rayne first started her writing career in May She has written numerous articles for various online publications. Rayne is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in accounting and psychology through Liberty University.

References Off-Road.The bike had a single downtube frame and side port exhaust. The engine color was also red. The gas tank was aluminum. The engine was a cc 2-stroke reed valve single cylinder linked to a 5-speed transmission.

The serial number began CRR It had a grid pattern reed calve. Cylinder with bridged intake port, Counter shaft sprocket cover mounted to frame, four-bolt front axle clamp, aluminum shift lever, "CRR Elsinore" side panel decals in red, white and black, and L-shaped rear chain guide. The seat was black with a red "CR" logo. The gas tank was plastic. The bike used FIM-type side number plates. The frame was a double downtube and the exhaust was a center port. The serial number began ME The tank shroud and number plate panels were white.

The seat was black with a white "R" graphic. The front brakes were double leading shoe. The rear suspension was a Pro-Link. The engine was a cc 2-stroke liquid-cooled reed valve single cylinder linked to a 5-speed transmission. The tank shroud was red while the number plate panels were white.

The fork boots were black and the white rims were silver. The engine was black. The rear wheels had drum brakes. The "R" swingarm decal was black.

The seat was blue with a white "CR" graphic. The bike had a left side kick starter arm. The Drive chain and sprocket was on the right side.

2001 Honda CR250R Top Speed Road Riding

The silencer was aluminum. The fork boots were black and the wheel rims were silver.

Specifications for the 2000 Honda CR250R

The "R" swingarm decal was red and white.Portal Forums Photo Gallery. Honda cr gearing? Hi, i am looking for some help with gearing and am wondering if You could help? My CR is running a sprocket combo. I just want to get more wheelie power for the woods yet dont wanna make it like a ! Can i do that with just a front sprocket change? Re: Honda cr gearing? Here is a simple equation that will let you see the differences in gearing.

Take the rear sprocket of teeth and divide it by the of teeth on the front. You can compare differences in sprocket combos this way. The smaller the number the wider the gears will be and you'll have increased top speed. You don't want to go to small on the front though because of the smaller diameter sprocket can increase wear on the chain.

It's really a matter of preference though, but since front sprockets are realatively cheap it might be worth a try in your case. Good luck.

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Wow thanks for all the help. I have found out that it was a 13tooth sprocket stock on my bike! What exactly would putting a 12 on do? Would it make it like a ? I'm not sure what your reference to being "like a " is for a comparison, you'll have to elaborate. When i get tired i like to ride the in gears where as a has very short bursts of power. Would changing to a 12 make my more like a in terms of power delivery?

Honda CR250R

If I understand you correctly The gear spacing will be tighter, you'll shift more often because of the spacing, and you'll have more more low end 'wheelie power' in all gears due to the greater gear reduction overall.

Hope this helps answer your question. Running the 12 tooth on the might make the gearing a little tight, just like on the s. Going up 2 teeth on the rear will make a very noticeable difference.

I like keeping the 13 on the front because it is easier on the chain. I run steel rear sprockets that are cheap and last forever. That way, experimenting isn't quite so costly. Do you think that the combo of the 12tooth sprocket and a 14oz steahly fww will be too low for motox?

Cant wait to try both soon. Sorry i forgot to ask. All Things Moto! All times are GMT The time now is PM. Contact Us - All Things Moto! Dirtbike Forums Portal - Top. All Right Reserved. User Name. Remember Me?We've heard the same story from the Honda guys at two-stroke CR introductions for the past few years: "The new CRs have motor this year; look at all of these changes! You won't believe how we improved the this year.

But after a few laps on the track in front of anxious Honda representatives, we'd be back sooner rather than laterasking, "Are you sure? Everybody, from top racers to magazine editors, was bashing bikes that once ruled the roost in the power department.

The bikes had handling and suspension that were class-leading, but their potential couldn't be realized due to engines that never seemed to make the grade—stock or even modified. Jump to It began to look as though Honda had given up on its premix burners. Information was not released at the same time the four-stroke information hit. A press relations frenzy took place to confirm, "Honda still has two-strokes, and they are going to be fast, just not fast at getting here!

Late in the season, the long-awaited model introduction finally took place.

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We had the track owner rip half the track into the deepest horsepower-sucking loam possible and leave the other half as rough as a fresh battlefield to see if the suspension and handling survived the claimed motor improvements.

We weren't giving Honda any room for error, and it didn't balk CRR It's all about the motor in the class, because those thumpers are all but impossible to beat.

Every brand has stepped it up to keep its two-stroke in the game. Although the engine looks quite similar, the biggest visual cue to the update is the absence of the spec electronic power valve. Instead, Honda refitted a mechanical one. Serious redesign went into the flow and sealing, with larger radiator cores to handle the cooling.

The cylinder, piston, head, reeds, crank and ignition all received significant changes, and this shows from the first lap on the track. Our test bike was a runner from moto one. From the bottom to the top, this is the CR motor we've been missing for the past few years.

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Its power delivery is crisp right off the bottom. It has great roll-on and a pretty smooth pull all the way through its powerband. The bottom-end won't win any awards, but it doesn't disappoint, and it certainly doesn't fall off in the lower revs.

cr250 top speed stock

But beans start cooking as soon as the bike gets into the mid. The pull is healthy and very usable, flowing right into a healthy top-end with good overrev, especially considering older CRs went flat on top.

cr250 top speed stock

One of the best features of the power character is the mid- and top-rpm combine to make a good, long pull, and that trait allows the CR to make good use of its five gears.

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